GSM Card Box with Mini Wireless Earpiece Hidden Earphone Full Set 2 Way Communications




back of GSM card box


This GSM ID card (box) size is the same as ID card, so can put it into wallet or the shirt pocket. The frequency is 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz so can work for all countries(except India and Turkey). The sim card slot only support micro sim card.  The transmitter range from GSM card to earpiece is around 40-50cm, depends on which earpiece you use. Build-in high sensitive microphone. The hidden indicator can show the on/off and battery power (when charging, the indicator will blink). Please make sure the GSM card turns on when it’s charging!!!

If you need louder sound earpiece, then choose A680 earpiece. If you need smaller size earpiece, then choose 405 earpiece. Also can work with other types of earpiece, like micospy 218 earpiece etc. But cannot work with super mini magnetic earpiece.

Pls note that The default GSM Card cannot work India and Turkey . Buyers from these 2 countries need to offer us the IMEI, then we can do OEM GSM card .

GSM card box-D

micspy 218 earpiece



  • Size: 85 x 50 x 4.5mm(L x W x H) Like an Mastr Card
  • Weight: only 30 grams
  • GSM card can work in any country
  • Built-in induction

Manufacturer description:

Once insert a GSM SIM card and turn on the power, it will automatically pick-up calls from any mobile phone or telephone.

  • Two way covert communication via mobile phone networks
  • Optimized inductive coil creates strong power for earpiece
  • Size 85*50*4.5 mm
  • 3-4 hours talking time, or 48 hours Standby time

How does it work?

  • The new developed GSM BOX has a built-in dual band GSM module that works in both of Four Band mobile phone networks.
    Once insert a GSM SIM card and turn on the power, it will automatically pickup calls from any mobile phone or telephone.
  • The powerful inductive coil will creat strong signals to drive earpieces within 30-50cm distance.
    One pc 35db top sensitive microphone ensures your partner hear the whisper voices, even the GSM BOX is hidden under the clothes.
    GSM BOX has a builtin rechargeable 650mAh battery. supports more than 3-5 hours talking time, or 8 hours Standby time.
  • 3in1 GSM-ID-Card
  • 85x50x4.5mm
  • As a master card
  • Only 30 grams
  • IMEI Unique
  • can work in any country
  • Built-in induction
  • 2-3h talking time

How to Use it?

  • First install battery into earpiece, and put it into ear tightly and deeply.
  • Insert micro sim card into slot
  • Turn on the switch of GSM card, once turn on, you will hear a music and see the indicator
  • Put the GSM card in proper position to get proper sound
  • If don’t use, make sure take off the battery from earpiece and turn off the GSM card
  • When charging, MUST turn ON the GSM card, you will see a weak light blinking. After charging more than 40 mins, turn off it and turn on again, then check the battery power indicator, if no more blinking, means FULL charged.

what is included in the packing?

  • 1 x GSM Card
  • 1 x Earpiece (nonmagnetic 218 hidden earpiece )
  • 1 x USB cable (charging by phone’s usb charger)
  • 1 x 337 battery

Important Notes:

1. We will deliver it/them to your shipping address in Paypal. Please Make sure your shipping address in Paypal is correct.

2. The shipping time is 15-30 days. Please remain enough time to order it.

3. We will check and test EACH box/earpiece before pack/ship. We DONOT accept any return or refund after we shipped.

If you need to order it, it means you accept the above terms.

If you have any questions, please email to:

Note: Please contain “KiraSpy” in subject of email. Thanks.

Wish you happy.